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Dear friends of Clasesdeajedrez.es – Finally the Congress agrees on something VERY important related to our beloved game of chess and approves the implantation of chess as a subject in schools. A GREAT news awaited by all of us for many years! Here's more information

NEWS published on ABC – "Congress unanimously approves of all political groups a non-law proposition for the "implementation and promotion of the practice of chess in schools and public spaces and its promotion as a sport". The text, defended by the Socialist MEMBER Pablo Martín Peré, urges the Government to implement the 'Chess in the School' program in the Spanish education system, so that this millennial game ends up becoming a subject, "in collaboration with the Autonomous Communities" and "from respect for the autonomy of schools".

Si vives en Burgos, ahora tienes la oportunidad de recibir clases particulares presenciales del Maestro Internacional de Ajedrez, Fermín González. Contacta al Maestro directamente en [email protected] Si no vives en Burgos, puedes contactar igualmente al Maestro y recibir Clases de ajedrez Online!

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Finally it seems that sanity in matters of Education arrives and the Congress has decided that chess should be part of school education in Spain. It is something that we have been wanting and proposing for many years and now everything seems to indicate that it is an imminent reality!

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Through our website you can start you for free in the wonderful world of Chess. In addition, if you live in Burgos, you have the opportunity to receive private face-to-face lessons from the International Chess Master, Fermín González.

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