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Chess player Tigran Petrosian

Born:17/06/1929 Tbilisi, Georgia Title Fide:13/08/1984 (Age 55) Moscow, Russia Fide ID: Great Master Federation: Russia Elo Maximum: Russia Elo: Russia Classification: Russia Link Petrosian Profile became famous for being perhaps the most difficult opponent to beat. Although he was a brilliant tactician, he mainly used his talent to pre-empt the opponent's threats as an especially difficult opponent in world title matches. Tigran's difficult childhood began with the second world war, as he was soon orphaned and survived by sweeping the streets. He learned to play at the age of eight and moved from Armenia to Moscow when he reached the

Chess player Emanuel Lasker

Born:24/12/1868 Berlinchen, Germany Title Fide:11/01/1941 (Age 72) New York, USA Fide ID: Germany Federation: Germany Maximum Ele: Germany Elo: Germany Classification: Germany Profile Link Emanuel Lasker was world champion for 27 years! He also received his doctorate in mathematics, wrote philosophy books and delved into game theory. His first contact with chess was at the age of eleven when his parents sent him to study mathematics in Berlin with his brother Berthold being his progress so fast that in a couple of years he was playing professionally. Among his first successes we find a perfect 13 out of 13 in strong New York tournament

Ajedrecista Mikhail Tal

Nacido:09/11/1936 Riga, Letonia Título Fide:27/06/1992 (Edad 55) Moscow, Rusia Fide ID: Gran Maestro Federación: Letonia Elo máximo: Letonia Elo: Letonia Clasificación: Letonia Enlace Perfil Mijaíl Tal, conocido como "El mago de Riga" fue uno de los mayores genios del ajedrez con un ajedrez de ataque espectacular. El ascenso de Tal fue meteórico. Clasificó para el campeonato de la Unión Soviética a los 19 siendo el jugador más joven en lograr ganarlo al año siguiente logrando retener el título un año después. En total consiguió ganarlo seis veces. Su camino hace el Campeonato del Mundo fue relativamente tranquilo, ganando el Interzonal de 1958 y el torneo

Ajedrecist Vugar Gashimov

Born:24/07/1986 Baku, Azerbaijan Title Fide:11/01/2014 (Age 27) Fide ID: Grand Master Federation: 13400630 Elo maximum: Azerbayán Elo: 2761 (January 2012) Classification: 2737 (January 2014) Link Profile Gashimov talent brilled at high level until epilepsy, experienced for the first time at the age of 13, he finally removed him from chess in 2012, dying two years later. Born, like Kasparov, in Baku he stood out for an incisive game, without fear of risk. His Najdorfs and Benonis were expected by all the fans who saw on him one of the greatest artists on the board. His best singles performance was perhaps the victory at Reggio Emilia in

Chess player Max Euwe

Born:20/05/1901 Amsterdam, Netherlands Title Fide:26/11/1981 (Age 80) Amsterdam, Netherlands Fide ID: Grand Master Federation: Netherlands Elo Maximum: Netherlands Classification: Holland Link Profile Max Euwe is often, perhaps unfairly, considered the world champion of least large, or at least dominant chess. That's largely to the fact that the Dutchman was a semi-professional player, who had to adapt to his tournament appearances around the demands of his career as a math teacher. Euwe, however, dominated Dutch chess, winning every Dutch championship in which he participated between 1921 and 1952. His international successes include the tournament

Chess player Vasily Smyslov

Nacido:24/03/1921 Moscow, Rusia Título Fide:27/03/2010 (Edad 89) Moscow, Rusia Fide ID: Gran Maestro Federación: Rusia Elo máximo: Rusia Elo: Rusia Clasificación: Rusia Enlace Perfil Aunque Smyslov sólo retuvo el título del Campeonato del Mundo durante un año, superó a Mikhail Botvinnik en el transcurso de sus tres encuentros y demostró un estilo posicional preciso que fue desarrollado más tarde por Anatoly Karpov. Vladimir Kramnik ha descrito Smyslov como "la verdad en el ajedrez " y recomendó su partidas para los niños porque " juega de la forma en que se debe jugar ". Smyslov empezó a jugar al ajedrez a la edad de seis años

Chess player Alexander Alekhine

Born:31/10/1892 Moscow, Russia Title Fide:24/03/1946 (Age 53) Estoril, Portugal Fide ID: Russia The Russian Maximum: Russia Elo: Russia Classification: Russia Link Profile The fourth world champion Alexander Alekhine was one of the greatest attacking players in history, known for his ability to find original tactical ideas in high-complexity positions. He grew up in a wealthy and influential family in Russia and developed steadily as a chess player, until he jumped into world stardom at the age of 21 on the eve of World War I. Tied for first place with Nimzowitsch at the

Akhedrecist José Raúl Capablanca

Born:19/11/1888 Havana, Cuba Title Fide:08/03/1942 (Age 53) New York, USA Fide ID: Cuba Federation: Cuba Elo Max: Cuba Elo: Cuba Classification: Cuba Link Profile Capablanca was perhaps the greatest natural talent ever known. He grew up in Havana and learned the rules at the age of four, watching his father play. By the age of 13 he defeated Cuban champion Juan Corzo. When he moved to New York to study a couple of years later, he soon became the strongest player at the Manhattan Chess Club, and in 1909 crushed American Champion Frank Marshall in an exhibition match,

Chess player Wilhelm Steinitz

Born:17/05/1836 Prague, Czech Republic Title Fide:12/08/1900 (Age 64) New York, USA Fide ID: Austria Federation: Austria Elo Maximum: Austria Elo: Austria Classification: Austria Link Profile Wilhelm (after William) Steinitz was the first official World Champion and one of the first to study chess rather than simply play chess. Born in Prague as thirteenth! the son of a juicy trader, he began to study chess seriously while studying Mathematics in Vienna. He won 30 out of 31 at the Vienna Championships in 1861 and was invited to London in 1862, one of the most important international tournaments. A valuable sixth place convinced him to go professional

Chess player Viktor Korchnoi

Nacido:23/03/1931 Leningrad, Rusia Título Fide:06/06/2016 (Edad 85) Wohlen, Suiza Fide ID: Gran Maestro Federación: 1300016 Elo máximo: Suiza Elo: 2695 (enero 1979) Clasificación: 2499 (junio 2016) Enlace Perfil Korchnói es una verdadera leyenda y mucha gente le eligiría como "el jugador más fuerte que no ha sido campeón del Mundo". Víktor ha participado en tres encuentros por el título mundial y durante 30 años estuvo entre los mejores jugadores del mundo. Cuenta en su haber el haber derrotado a todos los Campeones del Mundo, desde Botvinnik a Kasparov. Sus 4 campeonatos soviéticos y sus seis oros olímpicos con la Unión Soviética son lo más remarcable