2013 World Chess Championship

Campeonato mundial de ajedrez 2013

The 2013 World Chess Championship was held in Chennai, India in November, between 9 and 22, the 7th was the presentation ceremony and the first game was played on the 9th at 10:30 AM in Spain.

The participants are the current world champion Anand (which is since 2007) and the young contender and current number one in the world rankings, the Norwegian Magnus Carlsen, who after winning by 6.5 to 3.5 is the new one! World chess champion

Games of the 2013 World Chess Anand vs Carlsen

Surely we are facing the title of the world of most media chess since the mythical clashes between Kasparov and Karpov, as the young Norwegian player Magnus Carlsen is the new idol of the new generations of chess and Vishy Anand the last classic champion of chess, we will see who prevails in this exciting struggle of generations!

Anand has been World Chess Champion since 2007, a title he revalidated against Kramnik in October 2008. Later in 2010 he faced Topalov to successfully defend his world title again and in May 2012 again prevailed in defending the world chess scepter Against Boris Gelfand

The score was very bad for Vishy Anand, then came the number nine game of the 2013 World Chess World and we were glad to see as Anand threw his pawn "d" two squares forward and how his rival Magnus Carlsen entered the Nimzo-Indian Defense, answering Anand with the aggressive one! move 4.f3

On move 8 Magnus surprises with 8.–c4 trying to close the position and that the white bishop does not comfortably occupy the d3 box, although it seems an inflexible play.

Anand plays very well on the king's flank and we begin to see a very interesting game of Chess at the strategic and attack level against the king. It had several interesting plays Anand, since his position gives for a lot, had for example 18.Tb2 and the play suggested by GM Giri 20.f5! with great attack on the king of Magnus!


Anand is definitely going on the attack with 24.f6 although in Gary Kasparov's opinion it is a hasty option, it seems a very aggressive move!


And finally we got to Anand's Big Mistake on Move 28.Nf1?? which gives an easy victory to Magnus Carlsen, who completes a good defensive game.

Anand must have played 28.Af1 and after variant 28.–Dd1; 29.Th4-Dh5!; 30.Cxh5-gxh5; 31.Txh5-Af5; 31.g6! you get to an unclear position that according to experts could end up on tables!


After the big error 28.Nf1?? the 2013 world chess championship was practically decided, as Carlsen was 6–3 ahead on the scoreboard, remaining just a few tables away from winning the championship, a fact that happened in round 10 and managed to proclaim himself World Chess Champion 2013

Chennai home to the 2013 World Chess Championship

Chennai is the city where the 2013 World Chess Championship is played, this city is popularly known as Madras, although since 1996 its official name is Chennai.

Chennai is the 4th largest city in India, has a tropical climate and usually exceeds 40 oC in summer and rainfall between the months of September and December.

Chennai is also known for its software industry, chemical and automotive manufacturing industry.

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