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FROM PEONES TO KINGS - Chess Course Chapter 1

Let's present the game of chess To play it we need a board and the pieces, white and black We have the initial position of the pieces How are they located on the board? We see that there is a row of pawns that is located in front of the pieces In the corners go the towers, then follow the horse, the bishop, the king and the lady always starts in the square equivalent to her color, that is, in the white square goes the white lady and in the black lady, the black lady Then follow the bishop , the horse and the tower

FROM PEONES TO KINGS - Chess Course Chapter 2

This is the King, the most important piece of the game If you lose the King, you lose the game It is the famous checkmate The movement of the King is very simple is a square back, forward and diagonal, but only a square in its surroundings Contrary to the Simple Move of the King to move a box backward or forward we have the Lady , which is the most powerful piece to attack The Lady has a very wide movement: it moves diagonally in the color where it is located by rows and by columns Its only limitation is

FROM PEONES TO KINGS - Chess Course chapter 3

Today we are going to present a piece of the most fascinating that the game has the Chess Horse This piece has is a very special movement not so easy to locate on the board, we have to learn it The horse moves two squares and one to the side, both laterally, forward or backward we see that in its movement draws a kind of letter L , the letter L that may be tilted forward sideward, the Horse see that it jumps a black square always to a white square and why is it said that the Horse jumps? Because

FROM PEONES TO KINGS - Chess Course Chapter 4

Let's talk a little bit about the catches that catches means? popularly we know how to eat a pieces contrary the pieces have the possibility to eat pieces contrary less to the King That is because the King is given Check Mate, is not captured privilege of the King and essence of the game In this case if we are going to see simple catches, for example a Lady that we have already seen his movement can capture in this case a black bishop or the column can also capture the horse by the column and can capture the pawn We see that

FROM PEONES TO KINGS - Chess Course chapter 5

you ate "on the way" yes, what is it? Well, this is a not well-known Chess rule, perhaps, the hardest rule to learn and that many players who even play chess well do not know it is possibility that has a pawn when half has passed, let's return to the position when half of the board has passed the first half of the board and the side pawn moves at that time two steps , only at this time and if the target deems it convenient you can take it and it is called "Take to Step" One of the most complicated rules

FROM PEONES TO KINGS - Chess Course Chapter 6

Very good Hello Guillermo, I am Juan Carlos Carranza journalist specializing in chess I am with the international master Guillermo Soppe and today we will discover the world of chess From the basic rules of how the pieces move, to notions of strategy and tactics We will also tell stories and anecdotes of chess that are very interesting This we have called "From Pawns to Kings" is a saga that invites you to immerse yourself in the exciting world of chess start practicing chess, playing a game, let's go over some important concepts, for example: the check, which

FROM PEONES TO KINGS - Chess Course chapter 7

Guillermo we have the board arranged, the pieces, how do we start playing? What is the concept that those who are just starting out in chess to start a game need to know? A fundamental thing to start a game is what is called "development" "Development" means putting our pieces into play Generally taking into account the control of the center of the board Why is the control of the center of the board important? Because from those central squares we will be able to dominate more squares and be able to mobilize both to the king's flank and to that of the lady Strategic control

FROM PEONES TO KINGS - Chess Course Chapter 8

well let's tell now the story of one of the great players who had chess because well, chess is nourished by this of his great players in this case it is José Raúl Capablanca, a Cuban, great Cuban who was born in 1888 was a child prodigy and who came to Argentina had a lot of relationship with Argentina because in 1927 and came to contest the title by Champion , to defend his title of World Champion and lost him in Buenos Aires with the French nationalized Russian Alexander Alekhine Pro I want

Eat Play AJEDREZ for Kids

Hola Mi Nombre es Nicolás y hoy les voy a enseñar mi canal en mi canal aprenderán juegos hacer tareas paseos y muchas cosas más si te gusta mi video no olvides suscribirte a mi canal y darle me gusta en este vídeo les voy a mostrar un juego muy interesante que me gusta mucho y es el AJEDREZ se juega con dos personas y el ajedrez tiene dos colores el negro y el blanco Cada color cada color tiene 16 fichas 8 peones dos torres 2 caballos 2 caballos 2 alfiles 1 reina y un rey donde voy a