Eat Play AJEDREZ for Kids

Comó Jugar AJEDREZ para niños

Hello My name is Nicolas and today I will show you my channel on my channel will learn games do tasks walks and many more things if you like my video do not forget to subscribe to my channel and like in this video I will show you a very interesting game that I like a lot and it's THE AJEDREZ you play with two people and chess has two colors black and white

Each color each color has 16 chips 8 pawns two towers 2 horses 2 horses 2 bishops 1 queen and a king where I will show how to assemble the board first go the towers of the corners then go the horses then the bishops then the bishops then the queen if she is black queen goes in the locker black and if she is white queen goes the white locker then the king and in the front row for the pawns the pawn whenever you are going to start a game moves one or two squares and then there in the game moves a square always and the pawn eats diagonally the horse is the only one who you can skip the tiles and it always moves in L

The tower moves in a straight line whenever there is an obstacle in front of it moves forward or for the sides or backwards but in straight line black sharpness moves diagonally in the black lockers but as long as there is no obstacle to in front of it and the bishop blan co moves in the white locker the queen also called lady moves in either direction which in any direction the steps she wants but as long as there is no obstacle to her and the queen and the yes and queen in the black queen starts in the black locker and the white queen starts in the white locker ah the queen is one of the most important pieces in chess and finally we go with the King who is the most important token of the whole Game the king moves in any direction a single step without there being no no obstacle to ahead of him in an upcoming video will teach him other tricks of chess