FROM PEONES TO KINGS - Chess Course Chapter 6

DE PEONES A REYES – Curso de Ajedrez capítulo 6

Very good Hello Guillermo, I am Juan Carlos Carranza journalist specialized in chess I am with the international master Guillermo Soppe and today we will discover the world of chess From the basic rules of how the pieces move, to notions of strategy and tactics We will also tell stories and anecdotes of chess that are very interesting This we have called "From Pawns to Kings" is a saga that invites you to immerse yourself in the exciting world of chess

Before we start practicing chess, to play a game, let's go over some important concepts, for example: check, which means attack on the King Before an attack on the King we have three options: 1 Capture the piece that is giving us check 2 Cover the check , blocking or blocking the check and 3 Escaping with the King, taking him out of the box where he is being attacked

A question William: Does the King eat? No, the King does not eat in chess, the King is given checkmate It means that the king cannot escape upon capture It is a real privilege that the King cannot be eaten Checkmate means that the next play , inevitably, will be captured so the game ends with checkmate William, the checkmate Pastor in a classic among beginners when one just starts playing a game, what is it like? You have to be prepared against this premature attack, it's dangerous but premature

Easily irrefutable, we have to know it It is very good to learn it before you start playing chess, so as not to receive it in a game, both tournament and friendly Mate Pastor consists of a direct attack according to the weaknesses of the position of chess that is the pawn located next to the bishop Advances the King's pawn, the Lady already begins to press but still does not threaten to take the pawn because he is protected by the King The horse leaves the game and now the target does bring a help in his attack that is the bishop

At this moment, the matte Shepherd produced by an oversight of the black side, who wants to attack: he takes his horse to the center of the board, attacking the Lady This movement at this time is bad, because the Lady advances, takes the pawn and the black king has nowhere to escape, he cannot capture the Lady because he is protected by the bishop and can not move to another box This is the famous checkmate Pastor Guillermo , and how could I have avoided that checkmate the black side? We just have to ask a fundamental question when we start playing chess: What threatens me? What threatens my rival? With that simple question we could avoid the checkmate Pastor We see that the bishop and the Lady threaten the pawn, we can simply make a blocking and development move: we put in play our horse and the Lady can no longer attack the pawn

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Checkmate Pastor has been deactivated We have to be attentive because many times our rivals will try to attack that pawn, we always have the possibility to block the attack or put a piece to the defense For example: if I want to defend I will also put my Lady to protect the pawn In that way, we see that the checkmate Pastor is still a simple anecdote within the game of chess Guillermo, I want you to explain to me a well-known matte called the matte of Legal, refers to a French player of the year 1750 , which was called Kermur of Legal, who surprised his rival with some plays that were not in anyone's calculations at the time

It should be remembered that this game was played in the year 1750, in Paris The legal matte is one of the always surprising mates when we start playing the important chess because not always capture a piece is the best solution We have to see that the important thing of chess is not only to win material but the protection and security of our King The mate of Legal produces in this way : bishop goes out to play, the pawn advances to give way to the bishop The King horse develops

Generally it is advisable to develop the horses first, we had already talked that they are a few slower pieces to get into play and apart, defend very well In this case, the exit of the bishop although it is not bad, it is premature The white, with much logic develops his horse and there comes the error Another pawn movement was time to put in play the horses Now , Legal gives rise to the matte that makes him famous in the history of chess and shows the problems of not protecting back the pawn of the Bishop of the King

Which is surprising, because the horse takes back the pawn and seems to reveal the diagonal for the black bishop to take the Lady which he did in the game Which is a not despicable prey to take the Lady We always have to ask ourselves what the opponent threatens us and if we look a little , we see that there is a threat Here could apply the concept that "when the alms are great" "Even the Holy One distrusts

"What did Legal's rival do? He took the Lady and gave a spectacular checkmate The bishop takes the pawn and gives check to the King We see that the King has no place to move and also cannot capture the bishop because he is defended by the horse, only place for the King and now receives a horse attack The horse goes down to D5 and we see that it is checkmate because there is no possible place to escape with the King All squares are controlled and the King is under attack, there is no way to capture the horse, there is no way to escape with the King and obviously a horse check is impossible to be blocked

In this case, we have the final position of Legal's famous mate