FROM PEONES TO KINGS - Chess Course Chapter 8

DE PEONES A REYES – Curso de Ajedrez capítulo 8

well we will tell now the story of one of the great players who had chess because well, chess is nourished by this of his great players in this case it is José Raúl Capablanca, a Cuban, great Cuban who was born in the year 1888 was a child prodigy and who and came to Argentina had a lot of relationship with Argentina because in 1927 and he came to contest the title for Champion, to defend his title of World Champion and lost it in Buenos Aires with the Russian nationalized French

Pro that I want to tell in this same opportunity when White House was very young and i was just beginning to take its first steps and was already a very outstanding player and he was invited to play a tournament in Spain in San Sebastian in 1911 clear the masters of the time objected to that ju gara a chess player without a major international background and one of them was Dr Ossip Bernstein who stubbornly opposed Capablanca's playing for not having a record, but, well, finally the organizers managed to convince him played and what was the revenge of Capablanca and Guillermo

In the game with Ossip Bernstein Capablanca carrying the black pieces produced the game that was a beauty prize defeating Ossip Bernstein in that to say it in football terms it is as if we had won 5 to 0 we have the fulminant position that this Guillermo also gave rise to the myth that Capablanca and saw ten plays ahead but Capablanca with the lucid humor that the Cuban used to say when asked how many plays forward you see master?

And Capablanca said I see only one but always the best! Well we are at the climax of the game Capablanca goes with black and sets a trap for Ossip Bernstein which is delivering a pawn that we will reproduce then Ossip Bernstein takes the pawn of C3, Capablanca takes the horse of C3 You have to realize that here Capablanca has delivered a tower pawn by horse, tower takes the tower , tower takes the tower, and what happens here Guillermo?

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Well right now Capablanca uses a chess theme that is known as the Theme of the Mate of the Hall Is when the pawns prevent the King from escaping forward and a check tower will leave the King of Mate because he will not be able to go forward and he will not have how to cover the check that theme is raised in this game masterfully by Capablanca and makes a historical move that everyone remembers in chess and it's a move of Lady Lady B2 Delivers Her Lady because if the Lady takes the Lady , the tower would be located in the first row of white let's say in row one and give Checkmate then what would it be like?

If I eat the Lady, Guillermo Dama eats the Lady and the tower at the bottom of the board the Mat of the Hall known in Chess as "the Mat of the Hall" The King is in a corridor has a wall in front and a wall back and in the middle the Tower Check can not be covered Well and in that position when Capable delivers Lady Ossip Bernstein surrendered It surrenders because what can Bernstein do in this case?

Yes defending with the lady the tower, it seems good move because now the Lady is defending the tower, but Capablanca thought the same to take the tower, Bernstein has no choice but to take the Lady because he has lost the tower and back to the tower gives the deadly check to the white King only remains to cover with the Lady, but since not being protected the tower takes and we reach a final position is very illustrative and of a Mate that occurs many times in Osea Chess that apart from having seen a great game we have learned a chess lesson and a choice of Capablanca to its main detractor Bueno Guillermo, we will continue to talk about the great players of the story and we will talk particularly about one of the greatest geniuses that has given the Chess that is Robert James "Bobby" Fischer The Cordobas of the year min 1971 had the opportunity to play in Cordoba I didn't know how to play chess at the time and I missed Fischer one of the great sadnesses of my chess life

But you learned to play or got excited to play chess for Bobby Fischer exactly good Bobby Fischer was in Cordoba playing in November 1971 I played a simultaneous at the Rivera Indarte theater, today Teatro San Martín against 20 players from Córdoba Won almost every match He made two boards with Osvaldo Buraschi and Carlos Salvi and lost to a Player Cánova of Catalan origin if I remember that afterwards he went to live in Santa Fe to Rosario Bobby Fischer was quite a character because he came from beating Tigrán Petrosián the semi-final for the World Championships in Buenos Aires and Fischer had already come several times to Argentina and was quite a character because they tell those who had the opportunity to dine in Cordoba Bobby Fischer asked for chorizo bife but at that time it is seen that the cut was not very fashionable then I brought him a entrecote and what they tell who had the privilege of dining with Bobby Fischer is that Fischer once his flesh ran out grabbed his bone and ate with Fischer's hands and another of Fischer's peculiarities, our friend Cancho Bosch asked him what opinion he had about Martin Luther King and Fisher just wanted to talk about chess and about the party he had lost with Cánova was a whole character Fischer died in 2008 in Iceland where he took refuge persecuted by U.S. for a series of unfortunate Fischer events against the government of violating some restrictions on playing in unbidden places and Fischer dies at 64, Guillermo The boxes on the board

Las casillas del Tablero y muere en Islandia donde se detecta una enfermedad grave renal pero como Fischer tenía una religión que le impedía hacer diálisis el diagnóstico que le dan a Fischer a los tres meses fallece por esa insuficiencia renal Fischer fue uno de los grandes creadores de bellezas en el tablero y uno de los más recordado jugadores en la historia Guillermo vamos a hablar ahora de Emanuel Lasker qué opinas de Emanuel Lasker?

Una de las grandes personalidades del ajedrez no solamente jugador de ajedrez sino, filósofo, matemático, un hombre de la cultura Lasker es una de las grandes figuras del ajedrez no solamente yo creo que trasciende el ajedrez Lasker además de ser un enorme jugador de ajedrez fue Campeón del Mundo y fue el Campeón del Mundo que más años retuvo el título 27 años retuvo el título Lasker como Campeón del Mundo pero te voy a contar una particularidad Lasker se hizo amigo de Albert Einstein y Lasker le desafiaba la teoría de la relatividad a Einstein porque decía que la velocidad de la luz no se podía demostrar en el vacío entonces le decía a Einstein en que su teoría tenía ese costado flaco, pero bueno Einstein incluso en un prólogo de su biografía lo reconoce como una de las personas más inteligentes y más interesantes que haya conocido como decía Guillermo fue filósofo, fue matemático y es más Lasker hizo dos tesis doctorales de las cuales fueron publicadas en la revista Nature Era un hombre polifacético y pierde título mundial precisamente ante otro genio que fue José Raúl Capablanca en Cuba y otra de las cosas también que hay que decir Guillermo que este hombre volvió a jugar al ajedrez cuando estaba aquejado de problemas financieros

Ésto tiene que ver con los grandes problemas que ocasionaban a Europa las guerras mundiales este es otro de los extraordinarios jugadores que ha tenido el ajedrez y también le decían “el psicólogo” era como un psicólogo del ajedrez porque el hombre jugaba no ya as mejores jugadas sino que jugaba en contra del estilo del rival es una de las características que tenía Lasker que lo hace éste sin duda uno de los jugadores más extraordinarios que haya dado este juego