DECODECHESS the ultimate tool to improve your AJEDREZ

DECODECHESS la herramienta definitiva para mejorar tu AJEDREZ

In this video we will take a tour of the DECODECHESS application that is the first chess analysis application that includes an artificial intelligence that decodes the moves proposed by the machine and translates them into an easy-to-understand human language is an powerful tool that will allow you to greatly improve your level of play

If we go to the application the first thing that we find is the option to import a game or we can play against the computer or place a position that we want to study or we can also use the example games that come by default to learn how to learn how works the application so let's give it the option to import and here we can directly load a PGN file from our computer

Or we can also paste directly here a position in FEN format or a full game in PGN format would give it to import and already have the game loaded once we have the game loaded we can drag the vertical bar to adjust the size of the board and if we press the blue button where it puts decode game then the application starts to decode the game and explains the best lines recommended by the machine we observe that here on the left the plays are underlined in different colors that have different meanings if we go to the top right where it puts help we see that there is a legend where they explain all the symbols.

And what each one means for example the plays underlined in blue means that there is an explanation for the best move we can move through the moves either by pressing on each of them or with the arrows of the keyboard and with each move we find a explanation of why this move is best if we want to delve into the analysis of a certain position we can press the plus button and the application decodes this position looking for the best plays Here to the left of the board we can adjust the opacity of the arrows with this button here we can turn the board if we want and with this other button here we can switch between the view of the FEN position.

Or the view of the analysis with the computer if you click on the fish automatically turns on STOCKFISH and starts to analyze the position on the right we look at a graph of the whole game and if you click on this button on the left we see a statistic of the best plays and errors the areas on the right can be contracted by clicking on the triangulites to have more space to visualize the explanations of the machine in this area we see the explanation of the best line explaining in detail why this move is the better and down here in this other part we can understand how the machine finds the best plays for example the idea that White has is to make the move ♘bd2 developing his lady horse and then continue with the advance with d5 and thus advance in the center and win space the problem is that Black can capture in d4 i.e. if White makes the move ♘bd2 Black would continue with exd4 and after the cxd4 Black would still ♘xd4 and after ♘xd4

♗xd4 White could continue for example with ♘f3 but Black has won a pawn and would be left with an advantage so here we see the solution that is to play first ♗e3 before making the play ♘ bd2 this way White can make the move ♗e3 defending his d4 pawn and White can now carry out his plan to make the move ♘bd2 and then advance in the center with move d5 by example if Black now curls white would continue ♘bd2 and now capture in d4 would be a mistake so it is marked in red since after exd4 White would simply continue with cxd4 capturing the black pawn and White perfectly defends its pawn center and are left with advantage so we could see in this part of the panel what the idea of White was.

And what problem they had to solve and how they could solve that problem to carry out their plans if we click on this little dot that there is before the play then we go back to the beginning of the variant and if we click on this other button then we return to the position earlier down here there is a very interesting option in which pay attention and if we click on the symbol more explain a series of positional concepts that are explained with plays that help us better understand the threats present in the position and if we click down here where it puts the opponent's intentions then we can see the plans and ideas that the opponent wants to carry out.

Which will help us when choosing our moves in addition to the general analysis of the position we have other tabs such as threats the good plays from this position with their corresponding explanations the possible plans with the ideas the problems and the solution to be able to carry out the plan in addition to this other tab that puts functionality we can see the function that each piece fulfills and if we click on each one highlights each of the pieces and in this way we can understand more in depth the position in short is a powerful tool that will allow you to improve your level of play a lot in the video description I will leave you a link to the application