The value of the chess pieces

El valor de las piezas de ajedrez

El valor de las piezas de ajedrez

The idea of

play chess

is to capture the king by checkmate. Whoever does it wins the game. However, if we want to quantify the quality of the game in general, we can govern the

value of chess pieces

. This, in addition to controlling the time taken for each move.

We know that there are 6 different pieces in chess, pawn, horse, bishop, tower, lady and king. All these pieces have a relative value except the king, who has a absolute value since it can only be captured once, leading to victory.

The others chess pieces can be valued according to their ability to move. First of all we have the queen with a value of 9 points as it is the only piece that can scroll through all the boxes on the board and in all possible directions. The tower, on the other hand, has a value of 5 points and although it can also be moved through the 64 squares of the board its mobility is limited (as we know only in a straight line). The bishop, on his part, only dominates half of the boxes and is credited with a relative value 3. The horse being a key piece to put together the most daring strategies because of its ability to jump only achieves a score of 3 points because it is a slow piece. The last of the list is as always the pawn with a relative value of 1 both for the amount that exist and for its limited movement.

So the value of chess pieces it helps us to measure various parameters, the quality of the game (sum of the value of the remaining pieces), know how much we capture and our chances at the time of executing a movement.

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