famous Wilhelm Steinitz Chess players

Jugadores famosos de Ajedrez Wilhelm Steinitz

Wilhelm Steinitz

One of the big players Chess that have existed, was Wilhelm Steinitz. He was born in Prague in 1836 and died in New York in 1900.

In the practice of the Chess as a competition, Steinitz was considered the first world champion in 1886, following a series of games played in different American cities. His title was defended up to four times, always coming out victorious.

Throughout his chess career, he developed his own style of play, which served as the basis for founding a positional style, which allows for an easier understanding of the Chess Modern. This method consisted of achieving small advantages that accumulated, would later provide the safe triumph.

One trait that distinguished The Steinitz game from the rest of its competitors was the King's active figure, even at times, if the game warranted it, from the very beginning of the game.

Steinitz was one of the first competitors to use the mechanical clock to measure game time.

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