Magnus Carlsen wins Bilbao Chess Masters 2012 tie-break against Caruana

Magnus Carlsen gana Bilbao chess Masters 2012 tie-break ante Caruana

LOGO Chess Masters Final Bilbao 2012

Magnus Carlsen wins the 2012 Bilbao Chess Masters in a tie-break against Fabiano Caruana

The last round was thrilled at the 2012 Grand Slam in Bilbao. We came live to see the last round of this magnificent tournament and the truth is that it was more than awesome! Next to the chess geniuses one feels among great stars, we spent an amazing day in Bilbao watching the Tournament of the Super Grandmasters and playing in the morning a very entertaining and interesting blitz tournament!

The game of the last round between Aronian and Magnus Carlsen ended up in the tables

Aronian-Carlsen bilbao chess masters 2012

Eric Gonzalez da fuerza a Magnus Carlsen

Eric Gonzalez gives strength to Magnus Carlsen ahead of the last round

Aronian vs Magnus Carlsen Bilbao 2012

Carlsen Aronian Bilbao 2012

Carlsen Aronian Bilbao 2012

Photos at Bilbao chess Masters 2012

THANK YOU to the best Spanish chess player in history for accessing some photographs

Fermin Gonzalez y GM Vallejo Pons en Bilbao chess Masters 2012

MI Fermin Gonzalez and GM Vallejo Pons at Bilbao Chess Masters 2012

Eric and Kariakin bilbao chess masters 2012

The quick playoff games were clearly favorable to world number one Magnus Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen gana el Bilbao chess Masters 2012 en un tie-break ante Fabiano Caruana

First playoff match, easy Carlsen wins

Second playof tiebreaker wins Carlsen too easy

The departure between Anand Y Kariakin of the last round of the Bilbao Chess Masters 2012 was very entertaining and exciting, the two wanted to put on a show to bid farewell to the Tournament!
Kariakin pensando en bilbao chess masters 2012

Anand Kariakin bilbao chess masters 2012

The departure between Vallejo Y Caruana had an unexpected result for all, some quick tables, both later explained at the press conference that No they planned to make tables before the game, but that the circumstance was so and both considered it to be in their interests, a somewhat controversial but also understandable decision.

Vallejo vs Caruana en bilbao chess masters 2012

Eric y Vallejo Bilbao 2012

Final classification of the 2012 Grand Slam chess masters Bilbao

1Magnus Carlsen17
3Levon Aronian11
4Sergey Kariakin10
5Viswanathan Anand9
6Francisco Vallejo Pons6

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Here I leave you the only video I know of the 2012 Bilbao tiebreaker that Carlsen beats to Caruana in 17 moves, after 12.Dh5 Carlsen is already winning.

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