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I open new section on the web that you will surely like! I will publish here all the current chess games, from the most important tournaments in the world, totally free of charge, so I hope you like it and above all that you recommend and share them with your friends.Share content in >>>

New section, Free Online Chess Games

Download the Bilbao 2014 games here – via TWIC

Download PGN from the 2014 European Club Championship

All The Chess games of the 2014 Olympics!!

3731 chess games! of the Olympics played in Tromso 2014

To follow, nothing more and nothing less than 575 games! Of the European Club Championship with games from Topalov, Ivanchuck, Radjadov, Grischuk, Kamsky, Andreikin, Van Wely, Leinier Dominguez, Gelfand, Adams, Svidler, Leko, Nakamura, Morozevich, Ponomariov.....enjoy and share! all these chess games played in October 2012

In Chess24 you can play quality online chess and learn from the Grand Masters!

Chess24 online chess

Chess24 online chess

Meet now the famous bestseller, the award-winning DVD of the International Master Fermin Gonzalez

Apertura española DVD partidas de ajedrez

Dvd Spanish opening © Fermin Gonzalez

More recent Chess Games in the viewer below

Chess matches from May-June 2013 We already have new games, the last of the strongest tournaments of the moment, if you need the games on PGN, I send them to your email

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