London system

Sistema Londres


My new chess job for 2017 is here, the famous and popular LONDON SYSTEM you will improve your score with the white pieces in a remarkable way!

Learn how to develop your pieces harmoniously to deploy a great activity in various sectors of the board, without losing the solidity that will make this System your favorite weapon. MI Fermin specializes in carefully explaining the ideas of both sides. Armed with these strategies, you'll be able to face any scheme that is presented to you safely. In addition, they are analyzed typical endings, so that you can demonstrate your knowledge in all phases of the game. Games Kasparov, Spassky, Grischuk, or great specialists like GM Kovacevic will be the basis for your understanding of this System, and chess in general, to grow and be applied in your next games.

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    • Introduction to the London System
    • Chapter 1: Dominate the Lady Flank against King's India: Kasparov - Horiguti
    • Chapter 2: The Force of the Lady Bishop: Spassky – Bukic
    • Chapter 3: Attack on the Flank King: Kovacevic – Vilar Lopez
    • Chapter 4: A Typical Ending: Grachev – Kharitonov
    • Chapter 5: A Typical Final 2: Kovacevic - Byrne
    • Chapter 6: The Enhanced Stonewall Formation: Alekseev - Sarichev
    • Chapter 7: The Fight for e5: Winants - Houtot
    • Chapter 8: The Surprising 9.Ch3: Moldovanenko - Butsenko
    • Chapter 9: The Central Break e3-e4: Georgiev - Quesada Perez
    • Chapter 10: Black Stays Flexible: Wallace - Weeks
    • Chapter 11: Black Stays Flexible 2: Bagheri - Soyer
    • Chapter 12: Dominate the Lady Flank against the Grunfeld: Grachev - Kyc
    • Chapter 13: The Key Play 10.Da3!: Zhao - Li
    • Chapter 14: Sharp Attack: Kolev - Laylo
    • Chapter 15: The Control of the Black Boxes: Tower - Tran
    • Chapter 16: Black Box Control 2: Bagheri - Grecuccio
    • Chapter 17: The Screenshot dxe5: Grachev - Demidov
    • Chapter 18: Elite Example: Grischuk – Wang

SYSTEM LONDON by Fermin Gonzalez

Playing to win with the white pieces is getting harder and harder.

If you play 1.e4, then you're up against the annoying Sicilian Defense, or even super solid opening like the Berlin Defense. But if you play 1.d4, then the Indian openings look like an ordeal...

The Solution to Your Problems at The Opening

Players like Kasparov and Spassky they figured out how to solve this problem without the need to memorize a lot of variants. They were able to create fulminant "positional attacks" against Indian players who felt completely cornered.

Would you like to get positions where your rivals don't know what to do and you can beat them without getting your hair done?

Then you need to get my NEW course: The London System

What is the Repertory you will learn like?

Solid. Even the most aggressive opponents can't break it. Your strong control of the center and healthy development of pieces will allow you to limit all the dangerous breaks of your opponent.
Dynamic. With the maneuvers and plans you will learn in this course you will have at your disposal dangerous ideas against all the variants that your opponent can play you (and you will know how to take advantage of the typical mistakes that he will surely make!)
Easy to Learn. You can make this complete repertoire in a week, so you can start winning in your next tournament.

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