Tie situations El Jaque perpetual

Situaciones de empate  El Jaque perpetuo

Tie situations - The perpetual Jaque

To playing chess there's not always a winner. The ineperience or skill of the opponent can lead us to one of the draw situations known as the perpetual check. Let's see how this situation occurs and the ways we can get to the ultimate checkmate.

The perpetual check it is similar when playing the cat and mouse, in which the cat chases the mouse without ever hunting it. Moreover, this situation can be so dire for some that it can also resemble the dog's behavior when it chases its tail, making endless turns and without logging its task. In a real game if the perpetual check it is not consolidated as checkmate in favor of any of the players the game can culminate by boards or draw.

Many times we fall into this "game", propitiated by our opponent, to naturally be left in the tie for perpetual check. This fact occurs many times when he falls into the vicious circle of chasing and chasing the king. Sometimes our opponent will only have to alternate the king's movement between two positions to accomplish his task of leading us to despair.

Getting out of this situation before a tie is declared perpetual check will depend on the decisions you make quickly. Remember that one of the big mistakes we can make is the same thing, making unnecessary checkes. You can stop chasing king to restructure your gaming strategy. It will all depend on the parts you have available and the value of them. A practical way is to advance on the opposite side to the opposing king with the pawns in order to crown some and thus get the missing piece to reach the matte. Another way is to move all your forces against the opposing king to not just attack him with one piece. This without leaving his own king scrapped.

In this way you can avoid tie situations by breaking the vice of the perpetual check looking for the checkmate of victory.

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