Chess in C: How to program a chess game in C language... and make it work! (Programming No. 1)

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Games are one of the most suitable categories of programs for learning programming. They need us to practice with many different techniques - files, varied data structures, graphs, artificial intelligence - and, in addition... they are very fun to program!

Chess is a game to some extent easy to transform into a computer program, since its rules are very well defined, but it starts to get complicated if we want to provide it with a graphical interface and enough intelligence to be able to give us some games against our own game.

This text proposes 10-phase planning so that anyone with a certain C-language experience can undertake the complete realization of a program to play chess. The author has been a computer science teacher for more than fifteen years and offers guidelines to solve the problems that will arise along the way and the documentation necessary to face them. At the end of the process, the reader will have a fully functional and self-developed chess game.

What this book includes:

  • A summary of the rules of chess.
  • A detailed work plan, distributed in 10 phases, to successfully complete the project.
  • Documentation on ncurses and SDL bookstores for text and graphical versions of the program.
  • Ideas for implementing control of parts movement, game status, and time.
  • How to save and recover games using the Algebraic notation, turning the app into a PGN viewer.
  • How to provide artificial intelligence to the game using the minimax algorithm.

In addition, inside you will find the instructions to download the source code of a completely free implementation of the chess game, distributed with Apache 2.0 License.

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