Scid vs Pc Tutorial - Chess Database

Tutorial de Scid vs Pc – Base de datos de Ajedrez

We continue with the second part of the scid program tutorial

We'll need a database, to analyze the games the wider we'll use the KingBase, a free database

It has some limitations such as absence of comments, absence of pre-1990 games, etc. But it is a very up-to-date database, with more than 2 million games We can download in pgn format (read only) Or we can use the scid format ( modifiable database) I recommend the second

The file comes compressed You have to unzip it before using It One of the first options, it is the View of Open Tree that shows the statistics of each play In another video I will explain how to use this option

Now we will use the function "Material Search/Pattern" With this function we can filter matches, by patterns of pieces For example we will look for games with the black pawns in f7 and g7 The white horse in g5 the black king in h7

And finally the white lady in d1 We put search And the program will search all the games, with the pieces in those positions This is very useful, because we can look for structures of pawns OR you can also look for typical attack patterns

Chess Database

In all filtered games this pattern is repeated If this window comes out, we put "Do Not Save" In this game we see the typical sacrifice "Alfil x h7" It is important to review many games with these patterns to understand, its advantages and disadvantages There are many others typical sacrifices and plays,

it's a matter of studying and practicing This is another similar position, with the same attack to h7 Now we'll use the above function, to look for endings

We click on "Clean" and now we go to "Typical ends" We select "Tower and 1 pawn vs Tower" We click on search This way, we will find many tower and pawn ends The good thing is that the games, are of GM great masters

And we can perfect our end technique This is a very basic example It is not difficult to find the solution This is a typical Vancura position with the white king in the center of the board

White wins This example is more complicated You have to be careful with the movement of the king 1) Rf3 is tables White can not eat because the black king wins the opposition Always have to count the odd number boxes

If we go back a little bit we see that it is best to advance the white king And the white position is winning Finally I recommend you see the help section of the program And review about the hotkeys

HotKeys As I said earlier The HotKeys only work, when the mouse is on the game board OR also when the mouse, is on the "Match Listing" I hope the video liked See you in the third part