History of Chess in Russia

En los 80 años transcurridos desde que Alexander Alekhine se convirtió en Campeón Mundial de Ajedrez en 1927 hasta que Vishy Anand tomó el título de Vladimir Kramnik en 2007, los jugadores rusos o soviéticos tuvieron el título siempre salvo cinco años. Max Euwe (1935-37) y Bobby Fischer (1972-75) fueron los únicos jugadores que alteraron el dominio. En su último artículo, el FM Andrey Terekhov revisa esos años, pero también la historia de ajedrez de +1000 años en Rusia. Este es el 6º artículo biográfico de la campaña #HeritageChess, apoyada por la Lindores Abbey Heritage Society.

Ibero-American Online 2020 begins!

This Monday, May 25, the first qualifiers of the Ibero-American online chess will begin to be played in chess24. Finally there are 108 players, with 60 Grandmasters, the qualifiers. The playoffs will be played at 3+2. Those of the best-of-4 qualifiers and each round will be added two games, so the first round will be 6 games, the second to 8, the third to 10 and from quarter-finals to 12.

Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge (CF-1): Nakamura brings down Aronian

Hikaru Nakamura beat Levon Aronian in Armageddon in the first best-of-3 quarter-final mini-match in the Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge. He later admitted, "I don't know if he deserved to win this match." Levon had taken the initiative by winning the tower + bishop vs. tower finale in Game 1 but was hit back in Game 4. The other match also went to Armageddon, after four draws, with Ding Liren devastated after losing on time in a position won when Yu Yangyi had only 2.8 seconds left.

Ding Liren: The Silent Killer

The rise of Chinese No. 1 Ding Liren has been gradual but also inexorable. The first Chinese player to participate in a Candidates Tournament also reached two World Cup finals and followed an unbeany streak of 100 games when he crossed the 2800 Elo barrier in 2017-2018. A playoff win over Magnus Carlsen in the Sinquefield Cup on his way to winning the 2019 Grand Chess Tour showed he has all the weapons he needs to get to the top. Liang Ziming has profiled a humble hero to which there is no

Grischuk: "Procrastination is certainly the main factor"

Alexander Grischuk was eliminated from the Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge despite having won his last game and ended up tied with Aronian and Dubov, but if the popular Russian returns as a commentator his loss could be the tournament's winnings. FM Andrey Terekhov analyses the profile of World No. 6 and 3-time Blitz World Champion, who shares his views on the controversial Candidate Tournament. This is the fourth biography of #HeritageChess's campaign, supported by the Lindores Abbey Heritage Society.

Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge (3): Carlsen survives the abyss

Alexander Grischuk, Alireza Firouzja, Jan-Krzysztof Duda and Wei Yi have been eliminated from the Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge after a dramatic final day of the preliminary phase, which saw World Champion Magnus Carlsen also on the brink of elimination. Magnus lost to Daniil Dubov and would have been knocked out if he had lost to Blacks to Firouzja in the final round, but it was not a final replay of the II Copa Dicharachera, he won in style to reach the quarter-finals against Wesley So. Hikaru Nakamura finished first with solvency and will face Levon Aronian.

The Armenian Miracle of Chess

Levon Aronian is the undisputed leader of Armenian chess, but appeared in a nation that was already crazy about chess, at least since Tigran Petrosian became the 9th World Chess Champion in 1963. FM Andrey Terekhov discusses how a country of just 3 million people could do what Russia has not achieved since 2002 (win the World Chess Olympics) not once, but three times. This is the third biography of #HeritageChess's campaign, supported by the Lindores Abbey Heritage Society.

Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge (2): Magnus defeated 2 times. Nakamura and Karjakin lead

World Champion Magnus Carlsen described his game as "completely unacceptable" by ruining a good position and stumbling upon a matte net against Yu Yangyi before being overtaken by Jan-Krzysztof Duda on Day 2 of the Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge. Meanwhile, he got a win against Wei Yi and should be close to qualifying for the quarters, but Hikaru Nakamura and Sergey Karjakin are the ones who can really rest easy after getting a win and 3 draws each to keep the lead at 5.5/8.

From Rubinstein to Duda: Polish chess in a nutshell

"It's always interesting to see your games because you're always going after them, you never play for a draw!" As Magnus Carlsen said of Jan-Krzysztof Duda, and the 22-year-old Polish has the potential to make as much an impact on the game as some of the Polish chess legends, from Rubinstein to Tartakower and Najdorf. Marcin Furdyna provides a silent tour of the brilliant and tragic history of Polish chess in the second biography of #HeritageChess's campaign, going hand in hand with Lindores Abbey Heritage Society.