6th birthday of Chess24: 18 hours of Blissive Chess

Los recién llegados Sam Shankland, Gata Kamsky, Aleksandr Lenderman e Irina Krush se unen a los antiguos favoritos Jan Gustafsson, Peter Svidler y muchos más ya que celebramos el 6 º aniversario del lanzamiento de Chess24 con 18 horas de banter Blitz sin parar este lunes (en inglés). Eso no es todo, ya que estamos publicando una serie de vídeos de la vista previa de candidatos por el equipo de Magnus Carlsen: Jan, Peter Heine Nielsen y Laurent Fressinet, y hay más sorpresas por venir. También puedes conseguir una sudadera gratis si te haces Premium.

Masters Prague: Firouzja wins his first supertournament

Alireza Firouzja, de 16 años, ganó el Masters de Praga 2020 después de vencer a Vidit 2:0 en un desempate de blitz. Tuvo un enorme espíritu de lucha y alguna ayuda del universo ya que Firouzja sobrevivió a una posición perdida contra David Antón para unirse a un empate de 5 jugadores por el 1º lugar. A pesar de haber sido igualado por Jan-Krzysztof Duda, Vidit todavía tenía los mejores desempates y se clasificó para un desempate contra Alireza, pero sus 2 derrotas allí hicieron un desastroso resultado de 4 derrotas consecutivas al final. Jorden van Foreest tomó el título

Prague (8): Vidit collapses. Half-point antony.

The Indian Vidit came very close to making one of the best games of his life and handed down the Prague Masters in the absence of a round but an unexpected error in the winning position led him first to let victory slip to finally lose an evenly matched tower finale. David Antón, after beating Grandelius with the black pieces, is tied for second place, alongside Vitiugov and Firouzja.

How to play chess

We have created this chess tutorial by Pepe Cuenca and with a very high image quality so that anyone can approach the world of chess easily and easily, never learning was so simple! We hope you like the video, show it to all your friends you want to bring to chess and we are more and more every day.

Masters Prague (7): Firoujza beats Duda

On this day of the Prague Masters, there were two victories: that of the Iranian Firouzja against Duda, putting himself in the wake of leader Vidit, and Shankland against Grandelius. David Anton, very solid, made boards with Ragger and gets 3.5 points out of 7 possible. Today the penultimate round at 15:00 Spanish time!

Ding Liren and Wang Hao will be able to play the Candidate

The alarm went off on Tuesday when Russia announced that from Thursday, February 20, it would veto entry to all Chinese citizens to curb the effect of the coronavirus. The International Chess Federation (FIDE) was unable to provide an immediate response but this morning it has been able to confirm that the Chinese delegation will have no problems traveling to Moscow to contest the Candidates tournament that will begin on March 17 in the Russian capital.